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Manufacturing and distributing high quality products for the

industrial flooring and building maintenance industry since 1908.

Product Spotlight


Met-Top E: High-Strength Emery Aggregate Topping

Met -Top E  is a screedable, high-strength emery aggregate based topping intended for use where heavy impact, gouging and abrasion are primary floor service conditions.  High-strength toppings are generally applied over new or existing concrete at thicknesses between 1 inch and 4 inches depending on the severity of traffic. Met-Top E outperforms ordinary concrete and withstands the extreme service conditions commonly found in waste transfer stations, recycling plants, and material recovery facilities.

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Metalcrete's Mission

Our Primary Focus

  • Heavy-Duty Industrial and Commercial Flooring
  • High-Strength, Non-Shrink Grouting
  • Shotcrete Mining and Tunneling
  • Dry Shake Floor Hardeners
  • Abrasion & Impact Resistant Concrete Toppings
  • High-Performance Coatings and Overlays
  • Static Disseminating Industrial Flooring
  • Concrete Restoration Materials

Our Commitment

A commitment to service and quality has been part of Metalcrete's tradition since 1908 and continues to this day. Our product line has developed into over 150 specialized products to meet the demands of today's tough industrial requirements. Metalcrete Industries teams up with architects, engineers, and contractors to identify challenges and solve problems faced by maintenance managers and site owners. Metalcrete sets itself apart by manufacturing a product line that outperforms and outlasts conventional commodity building materials.

Upcoming Conferences


The World of Concrete is an annual trade show for the commercial and industrial construction industries.  More than 1,800 companies and suppliers from all over the world will come together in the 900,000-square-foot Las Vegas Convention Center. Metalcrete Industries will be promoting their complete line of concrete products and building maintenance materials for both new construction and existing facilities. This specialty line of products includes dry shake floor hardeners, high-strength concrete overlays and toppings, cementitious and epoxy grouts, epoxy and urethane coatings, concrete repair mortars, seamless colored quartz flooring, and mine maintenance products.


At the 2020 Waste Expo, Metalcrete Industries will be showcasing their premier line of high-strength concrete toppings designed to withstand the extreme service conditions commonly found in solid waste transfer stations, recycling plants, and material recovery facilities (MRF’s). Tipping floors in these facilities are subjected to unrelenting impact and abrasion, point-load gouging, and chemical attack. Formulated with either iron aggregate or exceptionally hard emery aggregate, Metalcrete’s line of specialty toppings provides a thick armoring that protects concrete substrates against aggressive environments. 



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