About Metalcrete

Company History

Metalcrete Industries was founded in the year 1908 under the name Klein Manufacturing Company. Klein Manufacturing's top-selling product was a metallic aggregate floor resurfacing material called "Metalcrete". Over the years, Klein Manufacturing Company became world-renowned and earned a reputation for manufacturing exceedingly tough, high-strength floors. Klein Manufacturing Company's name was later changed to Metalcrete Corporation of America to reflect the success that their Metalcrete metallic resurfacing product achieved. 

Present Day Focus

Now operating under the name Metalcrete Industries, the company's product line has developed into over 150 specialized products to meet the demands of today's tough industrial requirements. Metalcrete Industries employs a solutions-based business model by teaming up with architects, engineers, and contractors to identify challenges and solve problems faced by maintenance managers and building owners. Metalcrete sets itself apart by distributing a product line that outperforms and outlasts conventional commodity building materials. 

Premier Manufacturer in Niche Markets

  • Waste and Recycling Facilities
  • Automotive Assembly and Manufacturing
  • Mining and Tunneling Operations
  • Airplane Hangars and Maintenance Facilities
  • Chemical Processing and Storage
  • Steel Mills and Processing Facilities
  • Firearm and Ammunition Manufacturing
  • Paint Processing and Solvent Storage
  • Bottling Plants and Food Processing
  • Industrial Warehouse Environments