For over 110 years, Metalcrete Industries has manufactured an expansive line of industrial flooring materials and plant maintenance products for both new construction and existing facilities. Metalcrete Industries' team of experienced product specialists are eager to provide solutions for some of the most challenging flooring issues that site owners, engineers, and maintenance managers face.    

Product Sections

Coatings and Overlays

Epoxy, Urethane, & Acrylic Coatings and Overlays

Bonding Systems

Epoxy, Latex, & Bituminous Bonding Systems

Concrete Restoration Materials

Concrete Repair Mortars and Self-Leveling Systems

Dry Shakes and Concrete Toppings

Dry Shake Floor Hardeners and Specialty Toppings

Grouting and Anchoring

High-Strength Cementitious and Epoxy Grouts

Curing and Sealing

Sealers, Penetrants, and Curing Compounds

Joint and Crack Fillers

Joint & Crack Fillers and Sealants

Concrete Admixtures

Concrete & Mortar Additives and Treatments

Masonry Products

Masonry Admixtures and Treatments

Additional Products

Miscellaneous Products and Tools